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Thursday, November 24, 2005


Okay, I know nobody's reading this now, since glaciers have carved lakes quicker than I've updated this blog. I have ridiculous amounts of work, no time for holidays (yes, it's Thanksgiving right now, and I'm awake at 4 am writing about fashion, how sad), finals in two and a half weeks and my girlfriend coming in a week and a half, but thought I should get something on record.

The rebellion against "Metrosexual"-ism is about to begin (or already has). The evidence is in the recent surge of down coats. I haven't decided whether this is a permanent or seasonal happenstance (not the down coats, of course THEY are, I mean the bottom line of choosing down coats over the 3/4 metrosexual choice). I give "metrosexual" as being cool for about one more year. In my opinion, it seems relatively easy to dress metrosexually in the spring and summer, but relatively harder in the winter. It's not hard to put on a crisp (recently dry-cleaned) white Thomas Pink shirt with your reasonably-flared jeans in the summer, but what in the winter??? what?? Cashmere? Camel hair? Man, that's MUCH harder if you have to pay attention to more than three pictures in a magazine on the first warm weekend in spring. I'm pretty sure that's why we see (at least in the past seven years) a lot of north face. Summer style is easy for everyone. Just buy a copy of GQ and copy. Winter is more complicated, and so, most just reach out for the latest Abercrombie-esque fad, such as North Face. To be honest, I see some homemade bell-bottoms in the near future.

That said, go out and buy a down coat. Urban. So warm. But, for those still listening, I need some help. I've been trying to find a pair of sunglasses for about three years, to no avail, unfortunately. What I want are minimalist sunglasses in the same style as those worn by the protagonist in Fellini's 8 1/2 (pictured above). Black. Perfectly rectangular (lenses of significantly more width than height). No brands. Thick frame. No curvature (all angles 90 degrees). Thanks.


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