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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

CIA's Secret Prisons

A Washington Post article (free registration) today discusses the clandestine CIA prisons outside the U.S. AND the CIA's lack of firearm skills:

The CTC's chief of operations argued for creating hit teams of case officers and CIA paramilitaries that would covertly infiltrate countries in the Middle East, Africa and even Europe to assassinate people on the list, one by one.

But many CIA officers believed that the al Qaeda leaders would be worth keeping alive to interrogate about their network and other plots. Some officers worried that the CIA would not be very adept at assassination.

"We'd probably shoot ourselves," another former senior CIA official said.

The piece is definitely worth reading in its entirety.


Blogger forrest said...

I am quite curious to know your thoughts on this secret prison rumor mill, Dillon.

Oh, I am really considering going to law school, by the way...


1:36 AM  

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