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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Turkey and the EU....Psych!

Xenophobia reducing your chances of getting into the EU? No problem, look the the U.S. for pressure on Europe, then have your media write wonderful things about us.

An excerpt (from MEMRI):

"Sadly, at present Turkey is under total invasion by the USA.:
"The Turkish economy is under complete control of the U.S. through the IMF and "the World Bank; (even our demographic and genetic codes are in their hands);
"Our military is dependent on the U.S. (how soon we forgot all the bad things and the embargo they imposed on us, after our operation in Cyprus)
"There is a cultural invasion [of Turkey] by the U.S.
"We have no secrets and can hide nothing from America. Even our 'intelligence' is guided by the CIA.
"Our natural resources (including oil) are controlled by America. (Not even one-thousandth of our reserves is mined. All our riches like gold, borax, thorium, uranium, must urgently be utilized in cooperation with other friendly countries.)
"Our agricultural sector (through the IMF) is directly guided by the USA (e.g.: No measures can ever be taken against Cargill [7], even if our national interests dictate it.) "

It seems like all you have to do these days to rally the sycophants is yell IMF or World Bank. Readings these sorts of things is entirely depressing.


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