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Thursday, September 29, 2005

So, you want to know...

. . . a little bit more about Ann Arbor, MI?

Here are a few things I didn't know (according to wikipedia, at least).

---"The original Borders Books was opened on Ann Arbor's State Street in 1971 by brothers Tom and Louis Borders, and began operating other outlets around the region beginning in 1985. The Borders chain is still based in the city, as is its flagship store (although not in its original location). A little-known fact is that dogs are allowed inside the flagship store, and the cashiers have a stock of doggy treats for canine visitors. "

---"Domino's Pizza's headquarters are in Ann Arbor on Domino's Farms, a massive 271-acre, Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired complex in the northeastern portion of the city."

--- " Ave Maria School of Law, a Catholic institution established by Domino's Pizza cofounder Tom Monaghan, opened in northeastern Ann Arbor in 2000, although a new campus is under construction near Naples, Florida due to the school's conflicts with local zoning authorities."



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