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Friday, June 17, 2005

I don't understand it...

... so I went to go drop off my second suit so I could wear it at the beginning of next week. The woman took it and began to put tags on it. I asked her when it would be done. She told me a week from today.

A week from today???

Apparently the iron was broken. Of course, a week from today is not really good for me. I'm glad I asked, I'm not so sure she would have told me.

Anyway, I asked her if there was a discount for it taking so long. "No, there is one price."

"But, it's not really the same service...."

Her quick rebuttal, "One Price...."

I made it known that, "One Price" doesn't mean "margin of profit" if you don't make a sale. Of course, I'm a stupid American, so nobody should listen to me. It's like when I went to the Locutorio (same services as kinkos, but run by people without the necessary documentation...) and tried to make a call but the phone didn't work and the person on the end couldn't hear me..... but, of course, the owners thought I should pay for the phone call that never went through and lasted 12 seconds.

I tried to make an analogy asking them what they would do if they went to a restaurant, asking for a calamari but having the waiter bring raw squid.... it fell on deaf, or, at the very least, not-proficient-in-Castellano-, ears. This was over Christmas. They LITERALLY were laughing at me for not wanting to pay for the FAILURE of their services. LAUGHING AT ME!

Just don't laugh at me. That's all I ask.


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