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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

....Madrid Soon...

....Soon Ill be in Madrid with my girly...

.... but so people don't worry that I'm starving...

Three day weekend (puente), so I'm off to Madrid. Love it.

Side Note: did you know that, while in English you dream "about" someone, in Spanish you dream WITH someone?

Example: English: I had a dream about us last night! Castellano: "SoNNe contigo anoche!"

Cool, right?

Friday, June 17, 2005

I don't understand it...

... so I went to go drop off my second suit so I could wear it at the beginning of next week. The woman took it and began to put tags on it. I asked her when it would be done. She told me a week from today.

A week from today???

Apparently the iron was broken. Of course, a week from today is not really good for me. I'm glad I asked, I'm not so sure she would have told me.

Anyway, I asked her if there was a discount for it taking so long. "No, there is one price."

"But, it's not really the same service...."

Her quick rebuttal, "One Price...."

I made it known that, "One Price" doesn't mean "margin of profit" if you don't make a sale. Of course, I'm a stupid American, so nobody should listen to me. It's like when I went to the Locutorio (same services as kinkos, but run by people without the necessary documentation...) and tried to make a call but the phone didn't work and the person on the end couldn't hear me..... but, of course, the owners thought I should pay for the phone call that never went through and lasted 12 seconds.

I tried to make an analogy asking them what they would do if they went to a restaurant, asking for a calamari but having the waiter bring raw squid.... it fell on deaf, or, at the very least, not-proficient-in-Castellano-, ears. This was over Christmas. They LITERALLY were laughing at me for not wanting to pay for the FAILURE of their services. LAUGHING AT ME!

Just don't laugh at me. That's all I ask.

...It's About Time...

...Alright, so it's 4:47 A.M. on Saturday... it's about time to do what I've been meaning to do for ages: link again to my brother's blog. So here's the setup...

...this post is easily the most hilarious thing I've read in months... and if it were possible to get fired from my job, I'm sure it would have been for audibly laughing, while thinking, or uttering to myself..."Worst person....ever!" for hours...

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


...I've lost 27 pounds (12.3Kg) since Christmas........ is that possible? I eat healthy now. Furthermore, I guess the temptation of 4 Junior Bacon Deluxes is less when Wendy's doesn't exist in Spain........... or refills......

Monday, June 13, 2005

Dear Ohio State Trooper: GO BLUUUUUUUUUEEE!!!!!

We got stopped on our way to NYC for going over the speeding limit. The driver, who will remain anonymous, mentioned, without prompting, that we were students from the University of Michigan on our way to New York....

... When he came back to the car, I asked the officer, "Do you give warnings to first time offenders?" Apparently having been inundated with the socratic method himself, the officer respond, "Yes, sometimes." I supplicated, "Would you consider giving a warning in this case?" The response...... "Guess not!".......

Mi bebe koalasaurio....and me...

Although I have to be at work in 4.5 hours.... I thought I'd publish at least one photo to the blog.....

.... In Madrid....

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Their Idiots Over at MSNBC and Reuters...

Okay, pretty much everyone has messed up "they", "their", "they're" once.... but when it's your job to write well..... well, "write" well. From the lead paragraph on the MSNBC story:

NEW YORK - U.S. drivers might feel like their being robbed at the gas pumps, but a gallon of gasoline may be one of the best bargains around, a recent study from an oil industry research firm found.

The worst part? The page was already "updated"... which probably means new advertisements.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

So what...

...if I got one of the worst grades in my life this semester?

......I'm tan and have a ridiculous job. Toma.

Saturday, June 04, 2005


Since I work Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 9:30, updating the blog wasn't my top priority. Here's a quick update.

Regarding Air France, vote non. Actually, AirFrance makes me like Airbus. The plane was nice and the service was too. But, unfortunately, my second leg to Madrid was scheduled to depart 40 minutes after we landed. So, even if we LANDED in non... I mean France...on time, the plane for Madrid would have been boarding. It has been my experience that international flights are usually at least 20 minutes late. In any case, theoretically, the plane for Madrid should still be on the ground, even if boarding. Of course, on international flights you have to go through immigration. That means you have to to wait in line for the French police to make sure you're not a minority. Since I didn't have my burka, that only took 15 minutes. Of course, now you have to go through security again.

Did I mention the layover was 40 minutes?

So, I missed the flight. Of course, they couldn't put me on the next flight that left in 80 minutes. Why? Because my baggage "couldn't make it in time."

Wait a minute (or 150). My baggage couldn't make a flight leaving in an hour and a half, but it was going to make it in the 40 minute layover?

Vote non.

As always, Madrid and being with Pilar was great. My flatmate is going next weekend to Madrid, so I'll drive there with him. If I can get a cheap flight (i.e. 10-25 Euros, which is not that unlikely), I will probably fly back late Sunday night or early Monday morning. If not, I will drive back with them on Sunday again.

So, I missed the SpanAir flight too. That one was my fault. But, since SpanAir is cool, I got on the next flight. Because the flight attendant was a fan of social distortion, and so, of me and my shirt, he gave me free drinks.

I met one of my brother's law professors getting my bags. Random.

My luggage handle broke, and my bags were overweight. I don't know where hostels are in Barcelona (BCN), so I walked around for 4 hours with my luggage. I can't remember the last time I was so physically weak from an activity. The handle broken, my traps got much needed exercise. But, having to stop every half a block at nine o'clock at night, no hostel in sight...well, that was frustrating. I did find one during those four hours. Dormitory style with 8 other people..... 50E. Pass.

Eventually found one for 25E a night. The next couple days I spent getting things I needed (minus a second, wearable suit, which I still need), and looking for apartments. I found my apartment and it's cool. I moved in this past week. My flatmate, David, is a nice guy and we get along fine. Then again, we both work a lot, so there's really no opportunity to not get along.

Work is really great. They don't pretend its not a lot of work. At the same time, they give me a huge amount of responsibility in very important situations. The people are outstanding and respect me. We get along very well and have a lot of fun. To be honest, it doesn't feel like 9:30 to 9:30............ until I get home.

Tomorrow I need to find a suit or I'm pretty much screwed for Monday since my other suit is at the dry cleaners until Tuesday. I will, however, undoubtedly be going to the beach again tomorrow. I'm no longer pasty-white as you will see in the pictures.

Every guy wears Capris here. Which is something I was mocked for about two years ago. But, of course, I'm not gloating because those who mocked me are invariably too stupid to remember doing so.....soooo, it would be of little value. Or, they're too busy buying ridiculous looking plaid pants or, perhaps, something from the Summer 2005 Rocaware or PhatPharm line.

And Maragall, "President del Generalitat", says that the U.S. was a "great invention of Europe." I wonder if he would have said that in 1898-99. Heeeeeeeeeeeyoooooooooooo! He also thought it would be funny to wear a crown of thorns.

I'll post pictures after I take some.

Auf Wiedersane. Non.

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